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Torchwood History

More than a century to play with

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Torchwood through the ages
Torchwood's got over a century of history to play with, four bases, and we've only seen a few teams so far. And they're all awesome. We need you to play with them. Create new ones. Want to write about Gerald and Harriet during WW1? Victorian Torchwood? The oh-so-doomed Torchwood Cardiff of the 1990s? Avengers!Torchwood London, effortlessly cool during the Swinging Sixties? Torchwood One under Yvonne before the Cybermen and Daleks got 'em? Cold War Torchwood? WW2 Torchwood? Torchwood Four, as run by Gene Hunt in the 70s? The field is yours until they decide to expand on it next season and give us more lovely, lovely canon to play with. Guest-starring the uncontracted field agent Captain Jack Harkness. Crossovers encouraged. ***

**** You don't have to be bisexual or gay to work at Torchwood Cardiff, but it helps.

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